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Bydezyne Birmans

Last Updated :
20 August 2010


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 Our 3rd litter.... 


The 3rd litter of Bydezyne Birmans were born at the end of April.

Their father is Ch Esaya Samson


Esaya Sweetmelody - Seal Point Birman with four, 2 week old babies
Photo taken at just 2 weeks old. Spot the babies... see one under Holly's head, two under her paw and one climbing up onto her body!



Holly (Esaya Sweetmelody) gave birth to 4 lovely seal point kittens on Sunday 25th April 2004. Three girls and one boy - all show marked.



Our third litter at 5 weeks old



Two seal point Birman babies - Me and my shadow!  Caught in the Act!  One of our babies at 10 weeks old chewing a piece of string.

10 weeks old - click on the photos for a larger picture


All the kittens in our third litter are named after famous fashion designers.

The boy takes his name from Versace (after Gianni not Donatella),

whilst the girl's names were inspired by Mary Quant, Christian Dior (yes I know he was a man, but one of his perfumes is called Miss Dior) and Nina Ricci.


so we have .... Bydezyne Versachy, Bydezyne Quant, Bydezyne Mysdyor (already being called Myssy) and Bydezyne Nyna Ryccy.


Both Versachy (see below) and Nyna are now in their new homes.  Myssy and Quant are staying with me for a while.  They are being shown and may remain as potential future queens.  Myssy in particular has been doing extremely well and I'm really very proud of her.



Versachy (Mist)

Teesside - August 2004

2nd place - Seal Point Kitten Open (male)

3rd in SLH Breeders Kitten male - out of 8 entries

3rd SLH Kitten Charity class


Mist resting......!

Not long after Mist arrived at his new home, he was joined by a very lovely red point Birman kitten called Tobasco.  Tobasco and Mist are very good friends and often curl up together and fall to sleep.





The Babies
(All named after 'fashion' designers)

Bydezyne Versachy (Male)
Pet name : Mist


Bydezyne Nyna Ryccy (Female)


Bydezyne Mysdyor (Female)


Bydezyne Quant (Female)



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