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20 August 2010


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Emily's Story

Born in Badsworth, Pontefract, but soon moved to a new home as a kitten.  However after a short period with her new owners she returned to Esaya Birmans and became a very successful breeding queen.  Emily's had more kittens than she can care to remember, most of her litters being large ones.  She was an excellent mother and produced some lovely babies.  However at the age of nearly 6 she was ready to move on to a life of leisure.  Spyce at the time needed a friendly feline companion, he'd become rather possessive of me.  Being an experienced Queen and very much able to deal with attention seeking males, it was decided that Emily (his grand-daughter) would come and live with me.  However, as luck would have it, Emily fell pregnant once more.  This final time she only had one kitten ... Esaya Swansong (Butterball as she was nicknamed because she was a cute little round thing!).  As soon as Emily was sure Butterball could look after herself, she was neutered and came to live with myself and Spyce.  Butterball later went on to have one kitten (Esaya Sweetmelody) before being re-homed herself.

As Spyce was progressing in years, and not attending so many shows, I decided to show Emily.  It turned out that Emily surpassed her Grand-father's show career, culminating in achieving the position of Top Seal Point Birman for the Birman Cat Club (show year 2001-2002) and achieving her Grand title at the Chester & North Wales show in August 2002.  At the age of 12 and a half, Emily became the very first Female Neuter Birman to become an Imperial - quite an achievement don't you think  Emily is now approaching her 15th birthday (Jan 2009) and she's still as lively as ever.



Favourite food : Anything fishy!


Favourite place to sleep : Under the nearest red hot radiator!


Favourite Birman relative : All of them!


Most famous party trick : Getting into the tightest hidey-holes you can ever imagine!


Most outstanding feature : A very loud double barreled purr!

What the judges said......

"A strong girl with classic head, well spaced ears, medium head leading to a firm tapering chin, lovely full cheeks, expressive almost round eyes of a lovely even deep blue tone, medium nose with slight profile dip and seal brown leather, her bite is level.  Excellent boning, tone and substance whose lovely type has stood the test of time.  Dense points, full ruff.  Silky coat with warm tonal shading.  Coat was full, sparkling and well prepared.  Shown to advantage and of a very pleasant disposition. I understand she became a "Grand" today.  Congratulations to her owner and breeder."

Mrs Sheila P Hamilton, Chester & North Wales, 10th August 2002


Birman Cat Club Articles

"Tails from Novice" | "The Original Spyce Girl"





Gr Pr Esaya Bronte


Sire : Esaya Valentina Echo

Dam : Addeilo Crystalmaze


Date of birth : 20th January 1994
Breed : Seal Point Birman (13c1)


Sex : Female Neuter


Emily is the first Female Neuter Birman to gain an Imperial title

Birman Cat Club honours
Top Seal Point Neuter Female 2006
Top Seal Point Exhibit 2001-2002.

Emily gained her Grand Premier title at the age of 8.

 14 PCs
6 GPCs and 7 RGPCs
5 Imperial Grand Premier Certificates + 3 Reserve Imperials


The Imperial Grand title is a new title introduced by the GCCF in June 2005.  To gain the title of Imperial Grand Premier a cat must gain no less than 5 Imperial certificates under 5 different judges.  For the Birman (unlike the Grand classes), this means competing against all the other SLH's.



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