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Bydezyne Birmans

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20 August 2010


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Fancy's Story

Fancy was born on 14th June 2002, along with her brother Bydezyne Samuel Peeps.

They are the very first 'Bydezyne' kittens... and arrived spectacularly without any fuss.... in fact I had been sat watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when I suddenly realised I hadn't seen Holly within the last half hour.  Upon searching the house I found her tucked away at the bottom of a shelving unit, diligently cleaning a little baby.  Minutes later another baby appeared, much smaller than the first, but none the less obviously very healthy.  The smaller of the two was the little girl.

Holly loved being a mum and purred, what seemed to be non-stop, for the next couple of weeks.  The kittens grew rapidly and Holly started to move them around, or rather moved the noisier of the two around - always leaving the quiet contented one behind.  The noisy one was the little boy who just adored attention from his mum, but from an early age the little girl showed independence and personality plus!...

At eight weeks they were extremely mobile, the little girl into everything.  One morning, as I was getting ready to attend a show, Holly and the little girl were peering through the banister railings at the top of the stairs..... "who's lurking below?'.. when all of a sudden the kitten misjudged and the laws of gravity took over.  She landed, luckily safely, at the bottom of the stairs, having fallen approximately 8 ft directly downwards.  A little stunned, but physically fine, she shook her head and off she went to explore further.  The kitten, I told people later that day, had taken her first test flight.  This event was so 'her', full of adventure and fanciful thoughts that I felt it had to lead somehow to her name.  After much consideration a friend suggested Flight of Fancy.....and it stuck.  Her daily name is a shortened version.... we just call her Fancy.

Fancy has since had a couple of litters.  Her first - produced only one kitten - Bydezyne Flying Solo (Haggis) and then in 2006 a litter of 4 lovely baby boys - Parsley, Tarragon, Sage and Chico. June 28th 2008, Fancy gave birth to 5 beautiful babies....




Bydezyne Flightof Fancy


Sire: Ch Esaya Samson

Dam: Esaya Sweetmelody


Date of birth : 14th June 2002
Breed : Seal Point Birman (13c1)


Sex : Female




Favourite food : Anything, as long as there is lots of it!, and she doesn't have any objection to chewing a few of my fingers or toes when I'm least expecting.


Favourite place to sleep : My bed.


Favourite Birman relative : In the early days her mum, but now she's in love with Rowan, our newest member.


Most famous party trick : Got to be the 'test flight' incident.


Most outstanding feature : She takes after her mum, got to be that independent and fanciful nature.... but then she's got her great grand-mums very loud purr!



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