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20 August 2010


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Holly's Story

Holly was the only kitten of Esaya Swansong (Emily's last kitten)... and from a few weeks old Audrey Saye, Esaya Birmans, kept telling me that she was going to come and live with me.  At the time I had said I didn't want any kittens, neuters would do me just fine.... but over the weeks and times I visited, I soon found myself referring to this little bundle of fluff as 'my kitten'.

So why the name Holly.  Well, she became my 2000 Christmas present (to myself).  However her pedigree name was a little harder.  'Sweet' - because her father is called Wispa (the chocolate bar?) and Melody - because her mother was called Swansong.

Holly has very definite views about life.  As a kitten I often thought she sometimes had a death wish, playing vigorously with Spyce's tail!!!... but whilst he occasionally gave her a little warning, he was incredibly tolerant of her.  She in turn became devoted to Spyce, and I often found them cuddled up on the settee next to each other (still do in fact - see photo to the right).

Holly has been shown (she is nicely show marked), but probably partly due to her very independent nature (and possibly her raging hormones when she was an adult queen), she isn't always comfortable in being restricted in a show pen for 7 hours at a time - she'd rather be out there - investigating the world!

Eventually Holly was mated to Ch Esaya Samson and she produced two gorgeous kittens (Sammy and Fancy).  It seems motherhood is Holly's forte.... she has never been so happy, nor purred so loudly.

Holly had her second litter on 14th March 2003 - this time the father is Gr Ch Esaya Arathorn, a most striking chocolate tabby boy....  a total of two lovely seal boys and one seal tabby boy.!

I did however, really like the original mating with Samson and decided to try Holly again with him.  On Sunday 24th April 2004 four super little seal point babies were born.  Once again she's was a most devoted and caring mother and has brought them up brilliantly.  One in particular, Myssy, is turning out to be a super show girl, who has now become a Grand Champion.

In 2006 Holly had her last litter - all three of them boys!  Two of them, Faberge and Cartier are two super show boys, and hopefully we will be seeing lots of them in the coming year or so on the showbench.

Holly has now been neutered, and is now venturing back out into the show world.  At her first show as a neuter she got her very first PC and Best of Breed - so watch this space for further show news in the coming months.



Holly with her first male kitten - Sammy

Bydezyne Samuel Peeps and his mum Holly





Esaya Sweetmelody


Sire : Ch Esaya Wispa Suprise

Dam : Esaya Swansong


Date of birth : 8th September 2000
Breed : Seal Point Birman (13c1)


Sex : Female



Spyce and Holly - Sleeping pals!



Favourite food : Doesn't matter she'll eat anything!


Favourite place to sleep : When Spyce was around it was next to Spyce, unless of course she had kittens, then it had to be them.  Now she's been neutered, it's next to me!


Favourite Birman relative : Got to be her great, great, great grand father Spyce!  Unless of course she has kittens and then she's totally oblivious to everyone else around her!


Most famous party trick : Getting stuck front-ways in the wine rack when she was a kitten, and not realising she had a reverse gear!


Most outstanding feature : Got to be that confidence!


Main mission in life : It used to be : "If there's a kitten about - I've got to be it's mum".  Now its : "If mum's sat down watching tv, I've got to be curled right up next to her"



Holly has a 'Catster' page - why not visit her there and give Holly a treat!? She so likes to be loved!



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