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Rowan's Story

Daisy and her husband Cyril were proud owners of Chico, a seal point Birman from Audrey Saye's (Esaya Birmans) original queen, Adixilo Amyvalentina.  Suddenly Cyril died leaving Daisy, aged 86 with Chico for an only companion.  A few weeks later Chico died suddenly and Daisy was grieving for both Cyril and their beloved Chico.

When Daisy's son contacted Esaya Birmans and ask about getting his mum another cat, Audrey immediately knew the one for her.

Champion Esaya Rowan had only just started his career as a stud cat and hated it.  He loved people and was terribly lonely in his new role.  Although Audrey spent a lot of time with him, he would sit and howl when she had to leave him and return indoors to go to work.  He was neutered straight away and off he went to Norfolk.  He moved in with Daisy as if he had always lived there! 

He would sit and have breakfast at the table with Daisy, if she was ready for bed he would trot ahead of her and be there ready to curl up against her back, where he would remain until morning when off to breakfast they would go together.  One story Daisy told about Rowan took place not long after his arrival, when on waking during the night she awoke to hear snoring next to her.  She put on the lamp to find Rowan, asleep, head on Cyril's pillow.... snoring... no not purring... snoring!!!

Sadly Daisy died on 31st December 2002 and Rowan traveled back to his former home with the Esaya Birmans, obviously very much missing his much loved mum.  Unfortunately he was unhappy there as the two old neuter girls, who live in the house do not readily accept newcomers.

Hearing of his plight I offered Rowan a temporary place to stay.  But, once again another Birman captured my heart.  He is the son of my first love Ch & Pr Adraylo Cyan Spyce and my second adoptee Gr Pr Esaya Bronte (Spyce's Grand-daughter).  He has Emily and Spyce's good looks, and Spyce's faithful and very affectionate nature.

What the judges said......

"A big strong cat with a super temperament who knew he was special.  He came out of his pen and relaxed on our table and showed himself like the star he is!  Massive body with strong legs and paws, tail medium and bushy with a dense seal plume.  Ears medium and wide set, broad head, full cheeks, dip in profile, chin tapers nicely, bite level.  Eyes large, almost round and lovely deep colour with a gentle expression.  Silky coat, well developed and of excellent texture with a full ruff, excellent colouring with warm dense seal points and golden body glow.  Pristine white feet markings that are well matched and tidy although white extends on gloves to stopper pads.  Excellent condition and presentation"

Mary Kalal, Semi-Longhair Cat Association, 19th April 2003





Ch Esaya Rowan


Sire : Ch & Pr Adraylo Cyan Spyce

Dam : Imp Gr Pr Esaya Bronte


21st July 1996 to 25 December 2010

Breed : Seal Point Birman (13c1)


Sex : Male Neuter


Rowan gained his Champion title in August 1997 at the age of 13 months.  He went on to win another 2 CC's and also in November 97 won a Grand Challenge certificate at the Yorkshire County Cat Club show.


24th May 2003 - Durham County Cat Club - Rowan's third show and once again he gains PC and Best of Breed.  However, he's not yet a Premier as two of his PC's have been awarded by the same judge.

19th April 2003 - At only his second show as a Neuter, Rowan once again was awarded his PC and Best of Breed at the Semi-Longhair Cat Association show in Burton Upon Trent.

At his first show outing in 5 years, Rowan gained his first PC and BOB as a neuter at the Lancashire Cat Show on Saturday 8th March.


Rowan... testing out the potential beds in his new home.


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