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20 August 2010


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Spyce at the age of 12 inspecting the layout of the cat run

Spyce's Story

After spending more than 5 successful years as a stud cat for Esaya Birmans, Spyce retired from the working life and moved from West Yorkshire to live in the East Riding.  Spyce was my first ever cat and has been responsible for introducing me to the Birman breed and the world of cat shows.  He (and Theresa Groves of Toffipuff Birmans) inspired me to try to write my first story, which to my surprise was published in the Birman Cat Club Winter magazine of 1999 (if you'd like to read it, please follow the link below).

Spyce was a very affectionate and faithful cat, and did not object one bit to me reintroducing him to the world of cat shows and to ask him to start sharing his home with his then extended feline family.



Favourite food : Plain yogurt, cheese


Favourite place to sleep : My bed or in my arms like a baby


Favourite Birman relative : Holly (his great, great, great grand-daughter)


Most famous party trick : Jumping up onto a side table at a dinner party and landing all four paws on all four corners of a slab of cheese!


Sadly Spyce passed away not long before his 14th birthday and I miss him terribly.  He had been every bit THE cat of the house, following me everywhere, with his favourite place of all, being on my knee curled up fast asleep.  I shall however be extremely grateful for having such a wonderful Birman in my life.  Thank you to Audrey Saye for letting me adopt him, he was a brilliant companion.

What the judges said......

"A really fine big lad - there is always something special about a big Blue neuter!  This lad is over 9 years old and looking every inch in his prime.  There is no loss of muscle tone and he is in super condition.  Lovely head shape with super broad top, well placed medium ears and lovely expressive eyes of good shape and colour, perhaps just a little paler than when I was showing against him.  Super build with good length and a lovely rush to balance.  Good coat for length and texture, just a little shady now.  Well matched gloves and gauntlets.  A really gentle giant!"

Mr Charles Keenan, North of Britain LH & SLH - Dec 2000


Birman Cat Club Articles

"Tails from Novice" | "The Original Spyce Girl"





Ch& Pr Adraylo Cyan Spyce

1991 - 2005

Sire: Gr Ch Panjandrum Ko Chang

Dam: Santamora Sallamaari


Date of birth : 18th July 1991
Breed : Blue Point Birman (13c2)


Sex: Male Neuter


Spyce gained his Champion title on 12 Sep 1992 at the age of 14 months and his Premier title 7 years later at the age of 8.

5 CCs and 1 GCC

11 PCs, 7 BoBs,
1 GPC and 1 RGPC


Spyce on the front cover of 'Saltend Scene'

After much teasing from the 'guys' at work and a few mentions in the departmental newsletter about my prize 'moggie', the company's publicity team got hold of the story.  It finally ended up with Spyce being on the front cover of the company magazine!


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