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20 August 2010

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Bydezyne Birmans in Yorkshire - A feline bit of history
'It's all bydezyne and not by accident!"

Up until about 15 years ago, I had never lived with or owned a cat.  As a child my family always had a pet dog, but I never really knew anyone who had a cat. 

It wasn't until I met a friend who owned two lovely moggies - Raffles and Ambrose - that I started to become acquainted with the feline world.  Over the years I 'cat sat' on several occasions, and began to miss their amusing antics and affectionate companionship upon returning home.

By this time I had decided to take on a cat of my own, and started a search.

After many fruitless months of viewing prospective feline companions and not finding that special 'one', the first cat to grace my home ended up being a very swift decision.  He was the grandfather to my friend's blue tabby and seal point Birmans.  He was being neutered and needed a very special home, with one to one attention.  From the moment I saw him, I fell head over heals in love with 'Spyce' and the Birman breed.  He was nearly 6 years old, and a massive blue point with perfect markings.  The first three weeks took some acclimatisation for both him and me, but we soon learned to understand one another.

It wasn't until a short time later that I became to understand that he was a Champion show cat, and I sought his previous owner's advice on whether I could show him again.  After some investigation I learned that a local 'all breeds' cat club (the Humberside Cat Club) held a show not more than 12 miles away, and set about the task of entering him.

From then on, it's history.  I now have 7 lovely Birmans (almost all of them related to each other somehow), had my first kittens under the Bydezyne prefix in June 2002, am Honorary Secretary for the Humberside Cat Club, a committee member of the Birman Cat Club  and if that's not all I am also a qualified Championship Show Manager.

Why Bydezyne?

Bydezyne? - because one hopes when breeding cats it's all planned and by design (and not by accident) and because my chosen profession is all about designing systems.   I also have several hobbies which all revolve around creating various art and craft items, as well as putting together one or two websites!

Latest News?

Emily, the matriarch of the Bydezyne family, at the age of 12 years and 5 months became the very first Female Neuter Birman to gain an Imperial Grand Premier title at the Lakeland & District cat club show on 17th June 2006.  This truly a tremendous achievement for a cat of 12 years old and is a testament to the excellent breeding lines of Esaya Birmans.  Thank you Audrey for trusting me all those years ago to allow me to adopt your most precious Emily.

Myssy (Bydezyne Mysdyor) - my very first own bred show cat, became a Grand Champion in September 2006.  She is such a sweetheart.

To learn more about the Birmans sharing my life, just click on the cat's photographs, shown on the right.

  Clicking on a photo will reveal a little more information about each cat.

Emily - Seal Point Birman with her favourite sparkling pink toy mouse

Grand Champion Bydezyne Mysdyor (Myssy) - 13c1

Esaya Sweetmelody (Holly)

Ch Esaya Rowan

The Birman


Birmans are long and massive cats with thick-set legs of medium length and short, strong paws.  They have a strong broad and rounded head with medium sized ears that are spaced well apart.  Their nose is medium in length with no "stop" but with a slight dip in the profile.  The cheeks are full and round with a full, well developed chin that is tapered but not receding.  Their eyes are almost round but not bold, blue in colour, the deeper the better.


Birmans have long silky fur with a full ruff around the neck and a medium length bushy tail.  The distinguishing appearance of the Birman cat arises from the Himalayan coat patter and the characteristic white feet.  The front paws have pure white symmetrical gloves and the back paws have pure white gauntlets which taper up the back of the leg and finish just below the point of the hock.


Birmans come in 20 different colour variations, ranging from seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and all the tabby/tortie variants of each colour.


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