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20 August 2010


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Bydezyne Samuel Peeps


Sammy recently moved home to live with a new owner, but he came back to stay with me for a short while beforehand and it was lovely to be able to spend some time with him.


He is as gentle and as cuddly as he had been as a kitten.  He's a massive boy, with a very full coat.  Sammy was from my very first litter, and as the kittens usually leave me at 13 weeks old, I don't always get to see how they grow and develop as adults.  Sammy had been very well looked after and much loved and was a credit to his former owner.  He's now well settled into his new home, and his new 'human' slave reports that he's truly enjoying life and has plenty of energy and loves to play.  I think he's being very much loved and certainly spoiled rotten!  Sammy also apparently likes to take a little tour of his new (cat proof) garden, sits in his favourite corner of the lawn (under a bush) and loves to sniff the air.


Bydezyne Eilish


Lyssy until recently had been one of my queens.  However, we just didn't seem to manage to catch her at the right time, and she was never mated.  A very pretty, but rather dainty girl, she just didn't seem to get on well with some of the much older, larger and bossier girls, who when their hormones were raging, picked on her.  Lyssy is beautifully show marked and I had a couple of times taken her to a show, but the show life just wasn't for her (she found the shows rather intimidating and was unhappy in her pen).  I finally decided that she would be much happier in a home of her own, as a neutered girl where she would not be picked on, and had owners of her own to give her lots of attention and lots of love.  Lucy as she's now called (and I think the name suits her beautifully), is living in North Yorkshire and has truly fallen on her little white paws.  She has two wonderful owners now, and is doing really well.






Bydezyne Flightof Fancy

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Esaya Betabbydezyne

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