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20 August 2010


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Myssy is my very first own bred Grand Champion.  She gained her Champion title at the Northern Counties show on the 10th September 2005 and her Grand title at the same show in 2006.


Photo Right by Alan Robinson 
Taken on the day she became
a Grand Champion.





Bottom Left : Myssy taking an interest in computers.



Myssy & Quant's Story


The first Bydezyne show kittens!


Right from the start the 4 kittens in my third litter stood out as being very special.  All four were suitably show marked and displayed wonderful temperaments.

Two of the litter Bydezyne Versachy (pet name Mist) and Bydezyne Nyna Ryccy (pet name Nyna) found very special homes where they are very much loved and adored by their new owners.  They both keep in touch regularly and I love hearing of their news and antics.  Myssy and Quant however stayed with me and it's been Myssy who's done extremely well at the shows.


Bottom Right : Quant at 13 weeks




Grand Champion
Bydezyne Mysdyor (13c1)


Birman Cat Club Honours

2006 Top Seal Point Adult Female


3 Grand Champion Certificates


Supreme 2004

Winner of Seal Point Kitten Class


North of Britain - Dec 2004

1st and BOB - Kitten Open

Nominated for Best In Show





Teesside - August 2004

2nd place - Seal Point Kitten Open (female)


Birman Cat Club
4th Kitten Open Class




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