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Bydezyne Birmans

Last Updated :
29 June 2008


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Photo of Teddy, a male Birman


Teddy's Story :


Why Teddy?  Well, if you heard him purr, you'd think he was an old fashioned teddy bear with a 'growler' inside! and the name just suited him down to the ground.


Why Betabbydezyne?  Well.... if you think of it ... it's  ... "Beta" + "Tabby" + "Bydezyne"... all merged into one...cos he's the first male entire boy for Bydezyne, and my first Tabby.... and he's "Better by Design"....a real cutie!  However, as I've never kept an entire boy before he'll be held at closed stud.


Thank you to Audrey Saye for letting my have this wonderful, cheeky ball of fluff!... Although you could have warned me he was a toe nipper!




Esaya Betabbydezyne
Blue Tabby Birman


Teddy has a 'Catster' diary.... please visit his page, and heaps lots of 'treats' on him - he's a growing boy don't you know!


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